New record for gas prices in Quebec

Motorists must now pay $1.619 per litre. An upward movement of several cents was underway Monday evening in Quebec. The rest of the province is no exception either.

This means that for a compact car, with a tank varying between 40 and 45 liters, the bill now climbs to around 70 dollars to fill up. For a driver who drives 20,000 kilometers a year, this new increase of six cents can represent an additional $120 to pay.

In the first days of 2022, specialists predicted that Quebecers could pay $1.80 by the end of June, something never seen before.

“It was to be expected. All oil indicators were up and the margin was super thin. It is indeed a record in Quebec but at this stage, each increase will constitute a record, ”says CAA-Quebec spokesperson Andrée-Ann Déry.

In the Capitale-Nationale, the price at the pump was lower yesterday than the realistic price of CAA-Quebec.

The daily cost of acquisition indicator was $1.51 and the average retail margin for the past 52 weeks including tax was 9.4 cents.

In Quebec, the historic threshold of $1.51 from June 2008 was shattered in October 2021 with $1.54.

Barring a miracle, motorists will have to be patient and pay more for months to come.

Elsewhere in the country, the price reaches almost $1.70 per liter in Vancouver.

Oil prices rose again on Monday. The price of a barrel of Brent from the North Sea gained 1.3%, to end at 91.21 dollars on Monday. In New York, the barrel of West Texas Intermediate (WTI), closed at 88.15 dollars.

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