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For the 2022 season, F1 has decided to shorten the race weekends. From now on, Thursday, which was reserved for the media, has been moved to Friday morning. The pre-Grand Prix press conference will therefore take place on Friday morning. It will precede the two free practice sessions scheduled for Friday afternoon. Two free practice sessions, the duration of which will always be 60 minutes.

F1 confirms its desire to shorten the weekends of a busy schedule:

The intention is to remove Thursday as a full track day for all teams and drivers, cutting what was previously a four-day weekend with three days of track action for a weekend of three days, but with action during the three days.

Another novelty comes into force: each team will have to involve a young driver in at least 2 free practice sessions during the season. This rule is motivated to facilitate the integration of young pilots:

It’s their way of proving they’re worthy of getting a seat.

In this case, a driver is considered young if he has taken fewer than 3 Grand Prix starts. The teams will have the choice during these two sessions to call on the same pilot twice or to call on two different ones.

In short

Formula 1 changes the schedule of its racing weekends. Thursday’s media day is moved to Friday morning before the 2 free practice sessions. Each team must include 2 young drivers in 2 free practice sessions from this season.

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