Mercedes 550 Royale: a mix of S-Class and SLS!

A strange mix of Mercedes S-Class and SLS has been roaming the streets of Monaco for a few years. But recently, she was reviewed across the Atlantic, in Los Angeles.

At first, there is a buzz on the web. In the streets of Monaco principaty, a sedan very original is seen in 2015. Of her, we know very little. Its very baroque style is punctuated by an old Mercedes “Ponton” grille from the 1950s. For the rest, a “Royale” logo is affixed to the rear and a mysterious emblem sits on the hood.

At the front, we recognize the optics of SLS. The cabin seems to be that of the S-Class, but without any real certainty. Very “bling-bling”, the car does not have a very balanced line and it uses many chrome parts that only weigh down its very clumsy drawing.

The return

A few months later, this same car is seen by a youtubeur in the streets of The Angels, parked on the street. He then grabs his smartphone to go and admire it up close and film this “oddity”. With its chassis number placed on the bottom of the windshield, it identifies it as a 2014 Mercedes S550.

A glance through one of the windows reveals the passenger compartment of the luxurious German sedan, which seems to have remained as it was. On the other hand, the bodywork was heavily processed and we can find some similarities with series models and not necessarily very prestigious!


Who owns this very generously sized road liner? Nobody knows ! Who is the coachbuilder to whom we owe this thing? Hard to say. Still, its realization must have cost a lot of money and mobilize some professionals for a while.

Was the game really worth the candle? Not sure, but the tastes and colors don’t argue!

Check out the video of this Mercedes Royale here:

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