Livret A, tolls, cigarettes… everything that changes on February 1

Toll rates increase

The contracts linking the motorway companies to the State provide for an automatic increase in toll rates every year on 1 February. This year, this increase is significant since it amounts to 2%, compared to 0.44% at the start of 2021. The tariffs vary according to the motorway companies: they thus increase by 1.89% on the Cofiroute network, 2.19% on ASF, 1, 91% on Sanef or 2.05% on APRR. Vinci Autoroutes, for its part, has decided to freeze the price of tolls for short journeys.

Electricity price hike stuck at 4%

In accordance with government announcements last September, the increase in regulated electricity prices is limited to 4% this month. This “tariff shield” comes in a context of soaring prices on the European electricity market, and avoids an increase of 35.4% tariffs according to the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

Also, a decree reduces by 95% until the end of January 2023 the main tax on electricity (TIFCE): from 22.50 euro per megawatt hour, it drops to one euro per megawatt hour for households and 50 cents for businesses. Gas prices have remained frozen as planned since September 2021.

Rates of interest for revalued savings accounts

Good news for the nearly 55 million French people holding a Livret A, according to data from the Banque de France at the end of 2020. As of February 1, its rate of remuneration goes from 0.5% to 1%. As a reminder, the last increase in interest for this booklet dates back more than 10 years, in August 2011. Mechanically, the rate of the Sustainable and Solidarity Development Booklet (LDDS) is aligned and goes to 1%. For the Livret Jeune, this yield constitutes the new legal minimum that banks must offer.

For its part, the People’s Savings Account (LEP) becomes even more interesting: its interest rate drops to 2.2% against 1% previously. Currently held by seven million savers, this booklet is open to all French people earning less than 20,000 euros per year.

The prices of certain cigarette packs on the rise

This February 1, some packets of cigarettes see their price increase by 10 to 20 cents. This is the case for Austin rolling tobacco, which goes from 13.20 to 13.40 euros for a 30-gram jar, or even blue Gauloises which go up to 10 euros for a pack of 20, against 9.90 euros in January. Details of the brands concerned are available on the website of customs.

Evolution of travel conditions in the European Union

The EU’s digital Covid certificate, also called “European health pass”, has been in force since July 1, 2021. Until January 31, it thus made it possible to cross the borders of the 27 member countries of the European Union without incident. … according to the validity standards of vaccination certificates specific to each State.

To make things easier, the 27 have agreed on a period of common acceptance of these certificates: it goes from February 1 to 270 days, or nine months. Clearly, you will be able to benefit from this European certificate up to a maximum of nine months after the end of your primary vaccination scheme, i.e. nine months after your second dose or after the first in the case of a single injection vaccine.

New measure against domestic violence

While 12 feminicides were already to be deplored in 2022 as of January 31, the government is stepping up the fight against domestic violence. Thus, a decree establishes the obligation for the authorities to notify victims as soon as their violent spouse leaves prison, starting on February 1. Also, the text “provides the possibility for the president of the room of the application of the sentences to seize the penitentiary service of insertion and probation in order to obtain updated elements on the personal situation of the condemned person”.

The first “baby boxes” distributed

The first “baby boxes” are distributed on February 1, primarily in maternity wards in municipalities with priority neighborhoods or rural revitalization municipalities. This device was announced last October by the Secretary of State for Children. In the 180,000 boxes for young parents, we will find a sleeping bag, an album, a soap or even a moisturizing product for new mothers. The goal: to serve as a “support for dialogue with families in the maternity ward”, according to the office of Secretary of State Adrien Taquet.

Easing of health restrictions

From Wednesday February 2, health restrictions will ease in several areas. The gauges in places open to the public will be abandoned, as will the wearing of a mandatory mask outdoors where this was the case. Also, teleworking will lose its mandatory nature and will simply become “recommended”.

For their part, nightclubs will have to wait until February 16 to reopen their doors. Concerts and consumption in standing bars may also resume on this date. It will also be possible again to drink or eat in stadiums, cinemas and transport on February 16.

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