Lightyear One: record autonomy at 130 km/h

In July 2021, the Lightyear One validated a range of more than 700 km at a speed of 85 km/h. It was at 130 km/h that the Dutch electric sedan carried out its last test. Result: more than 400 km with a full tank!

The Lightyear team still intends to deliver the first copies of its One electric sedan very soon. A family sedan that takes the opposite view of those who tout 0 to 100 km/h as the main feature of their electric models. We are aiming for maximum efficiency: energy gain on the one hand, economy on the other hand via aerodynamics, mass… The term “solar car” is probably still misused. But in theory, the solar panels arranged on the roof and the hood can generate most of the energy needed for daily journeys.

More than 400 km on the highway

With a small 60 kWh battery, the Lightyear One claims a range of 725 km in WLTP (without air conditioning, however). A value validated by last summer’s tests with 709 km at an average speed of 85 km/h. And it is now to a new test that the sedan has lent itself, at highway speeds. Launched at 130 km/h, it has covered more than 400 km, with an average consumption of 141 Wh/km. With an outside temperature of 10°C.

A second more affordable model

Production of the Lightyear One is due to begin this year at Valmet in Finland. Of course, at €150,000 each, ambitions remain limited. But it serves above all as a laboratory to validate the technologies that will be used in the brand’s second model. This “Lightyear Two” is expected in 2024/25, at a base price of just €30,000. This promises to be much more interesting. Moreover, LeasePlan has just committed to an order for 5,000 copies of this new model… The One will also be offered by the European car distribution giant.

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