Leclerc again sells fuel at cost price

This is one of the main concerns of the French: how to limit the bill at the pump when fuel prices are constantly rising? Faced with the explosion in prices in recent months, the government has tried to set up an inflation allowance of 100 euros for employees earning up to 2000 euros net per month. But the discontent is still there and the prices are not coming down. However, motorists will soon be able to take advantage of a new fuel sale operation at cost price, organized by Leclerc.

In a press release on Tuesday, February 1, the group explained that, faced with rising energy prices, the brand had decided “to again offer fuel at cost price every weekend in the 713 service stations of its network, from February 5, 2022 to March 6, 2022”, i.e. right during the winter holidays, during which many French people take to the road, in particular to go to ski resorts.

“The prices of energy, food products and services continue to increase and weigh on the budget of the French”, analyzes Michel-Edouard Leclerc, president of the Strategic Committee of the sign, quoted in the press release. “While many of them will, in addition, make trips for their holidays, we have therefore decided to once again offer fuel at cost price to protect their purchasing power”, he explains in order to justify the operation. The group had already proposed this operation last October. In the process, Carrefour and Casino had adopted similar measures.

A reduction in taxes excluded, the scale of mileage costs revalued

Last October, Michel-Edouard Leclerc had already affirmed that he was ready to lower the prices of gasoline and diesel at the pump if the State decided, for its part, to reduce taxes on fuel. But on January 24, the Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Le Maire had ruled out any drop of this kind. With franceinfo, he had thus explained: “I do not think this is the right solution. First, because the French will not see the color: for ten cents of reduction, it costs five billion euros , and that’s five euros less on a full tank.”

Finally, faced with the continued soaring prices, the executive announced at the end of January that the scale of mileage costs would be increased by 10%. This aid concerns 5.6 million motorists.

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