Inflation bonus: good news for cross-border workers

This is good news for many French cross-border workers. Indeed, according to The Parisian, French residents who work in Switzerland, Germany or Belgium will receive the inflation compensation announced by Prime Minister Jean Castex on October 21. This aid of 100 euros should make it possible to help households cope with the rise in energy prices, and in particular fuel and energy.

As for other citizens of France, cross-border workers, domiciled in France and whose income does not exceed 24,000 euros per year will therefore be able to receive inflation compensation. If, for workers, it was paid directly by the employer at the end of December 2021, the process cannot apply for cross-border workers, paid by foreign companies, hence the delay in payment which has worried many employees, fearing not to be eligible for this boost.

38 million beneficiaries

But do not panic. In reality, the inflation allowance will be granted to those who work abroad by the Directorate General of Public Finances (DGFiP). The aid will thus be paid directly by transfer to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries this Friday, February 4 with the wording “Compensation. Inflation”, details Le Parisien. If the tax authorities do not have your bank details, the process may take a little longer, since a check will then be sent to you by post from mid-February.

As the daily specifies, if you do not receive this aid when you think you are eligible for it, you will have to contact the personal tax service. Of the 38 million people whose income allows them to claim inflation compensation, more than 20 million people have already received it, including 600,000 students, 10.2 million employees, 2.4 million applicants for employment or 1.4 million self-employed workers and micro-entrepreneurs.

As reminded, during the month of February it is people with disabilities, artists-authors and non-salaried sailors, and retirees who should receive it in their bank account.

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