Great success for Toyota in 2021

Like Kia, Toyota was also a hit in 2021, both internationally and in France and Europe, thanks in particular to its Yaris.

As we know, the situation is currently very difficult for the automotive industry and brands, which have to deal with an endless health crisis, the shortage of semiconductors as well as ever stricter environmental standards. A climate far from favorable for the sector, therefore, while sales fell very sharply in 2020 and have since had great difficulty in recovering, then stagnating at a level equivalent to that of 1995. Nevertheless, and if most of the Manufacturers have suffered a sharp drop in registrations, but some have managed to hold their own. Among them, Kia and Toyota, which have done very well.

Sales on the rise

With no less than 10.5 million vehicles sold worldwide, the Japanese firm posted a 10% increase compared to 2020. Among them, no less than 2.6 million were electrified models, an increase of 34% over the previous year. Looking at the European market, we also realize the success of the brand, which registered no less than a million cars, then occupying 6.4% of the market share. In Europe, the Japanese firm is then the 2nd brand in terms of sales of passenger cars.

Unsurprisingly, it is the Toyota Yaris which is the most successful, with no less than 156,464 units produced, notably at the French plant in Onnaing in the North. Voted Car of the Year 2021, it is today the most produced car in France, ahead of the Peugeot 3008.

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