Fuel at cost price at Leclerc from February 5 to March 6

Faced with soaring fuel prices, Leclerc is offering a new “cost price” operation. This will begin on Saturday February 5 and will last at least four weeks, until Sunday March 6. These dates coincide with the winter school holidays, with zone B starting on February 5. 713 stations are concerned.

Leclerc is thus making a gesture by giving up his margin, while fuel prices continue to break records. At the last tally made by the Ministry of Ecological Transition, a liter of diesel costs on average in France €1.67. For the unleaded 95 E10, it’s €1.72.

Last year, the E.Leclerc New Consumption Observatory showed that nearly 50% of French people have already limited their travel for financial reasons. However, the gain is not huge: the cost price allows you to save a few cents per litre, but that’s still the cost. During a previous operation of the kind, we had noticed a drop in price of 4 to 5 centimes per liter. On a full 50 liters, it’s a saving of 2 to 2.50 €.

Of course, the idea is also to offer fuels that are cheaper than the competition to attract customers to supermarkets!


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