Fleet management: Fatec records historic growth

Historic growth in 2021

Théophane Courau, the CEO of the group, immediately qualified the year 2021 as historic. Fatec experienced record growth last year. The number of vehicles under fleet management has increased by 30%, bringing the fleet to 110,000 models, 80% of which are light vehicles and 20% industrial vehicles.

Théophane Courau is the CEO of Fatec, the leading independent vehicle fleet manager in France.

The number of employees visibly followed the same trend. It has increased by 39% over the last twelve months, bringing the provisional workforce to 160 employees. This increase in activity had, unsurprisingly, an effect on turnover. It jumped exponentially, by 66% in one year to reach 100 million euros.

This momentum of magnitude, according to Théophane Courau, should continue. “In 2022, we are aiming for 14% growth, that is to say a little better than the French economy. This remains very strong growth, especially as we are on a historical record that has been. We are aiming for this objective because we have customers who have renewed their confidence in us and prospects who join us. So we have good visibility on our business.”

Mobipilot simplifies access to data

Among the other topics discussed during this press briefing are the imminent commissioning, during the second quarter, of a platform called Mobipilot. This is intended to allow Fatec’s private and public customers quick and easy access to technical data (costs, controls, schedule, etc.) of their vehicle fleets.

Mobipilot also aims to allow companies to carry out more detailed analyses, for example on the choice of maintenance expenses and repairs to be incurred. “Mobipilot replaces both reporting tools and exchange workflows”, describes the boss of the brand.

Responsible mobility advice

One of the other novelties that Fatec will be offering this year concerns a responsible mobility advice offer. “What we are trying to do today is to zoom out of the car fleet to have a really very global reflection on the mobility of companies, including all trips and not just those related to the fleet itself. “, announces Katia Lehnert, Project Manager on this theme.

Fatec chose Katia Lehnert to set up this responsible mobility consulting service.
Fatec chose Katia Lehnert to set up this responsible mobility consulting service.

The project will first consist in deciphering in detail the uses of customers in terms of travel. It will then lead to the deployment of a personalized advice offer (example: directing towards a fleet of shared vehicles, towards adapted engines, etc.) which will aim to guide the manager concerned in optimizing his fleet. The offer of advice will push its expertise until questioning on the essential character or not of such or such vehicle, of such or such displacement even.

This support approach will be based on existing mobility policies, on tools (mobility budget, sustainable mobility package, clean vehicles, car sharing, bicycle fleets, adaptation of work organization, etc.) but also on technical solutions available, in conjunction with various partners.


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