Electricity: the big winners of the tariff shield, how to invest in bitcoin without buying it… The eco flash of the day

The figure of the day: 35%. Here is the increase in the price of the regulated electricity tariff to which millions of French people escape, this Tuesday, February 1. The government has in fact undertaken to limit inflation to 4%, by increasing the volume of nuclear electricity sold at a reduced price by EDF to its competitors and by reducing taxes. Thanks to this price shield, the annual bill of the French should only increase by a few tens of euros, against several hundred without state intervention. But above all, the tax cut is excellent news for those who had anticipated the surge in prices and subscribed to fixed price offers from the summer or fall of 2021. Their annual bill should decrease by 15% on average. More info on Capital.fr.

The rant could be pushed against presidential candidates. Because, despite the major issue represented by the housing of the French, the contenders for the Elysée are still too shy, not to say silent, on the subject. France suffers from a housing shortage. Construction is crumbling and supply fails to meet demand, especially in the big cities. Results: prices are exploding everywhere in the territory. If all the candidates have promised to build more, renovate housing and make households solvent… none has really established a program that meets the challenges. That’s good, they will all be received by the Abbé Pierre Foundation this Wednesday, during the presentation of its annual report on the state of poor housing. What to give them ideas?

Practical information Capital. You can invest in bitcoin without going through an exchange or buying it directly. There is indeed an indirect way to bet on cryptocurrency, by placing your money in funds which are themselves invested in various stocks of companies in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector. Bitcoin-related funds have multiplied over the past year. Two have notably emerged in France, regulated by the Financial Markets Authority (AMF) and accessible via a securities account: one created by the management company Tobam, the other by the manager Melanion Capital. They are made up of shares of mining companies, trading platforms, companies developing technologies related to cryptocurrencies and groups with bitcoin in their treasury.

And we end with this information. Alain Sauvaire, a 69-year-old retiree, filed three complaints in early January against Emmanuel Macron. Its objective: to make its opposition to the health policy carried out by the President of the Republic, for two years, in the fight against Covid-19 heard. Alain Sauvaire has decided to file a first complaint for “defamation” and “public threats”. The second complaint was filed under the qualification of “incitement to hatred”. And finally the third directly targets the head of state for “crimes against humanity”. Alain Sauvaire was aware that two of them had already been classified but said he was “afraid of nothing” and wanted to be respected.

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