Electric motorcycle for a new driving pleasure with Mot’elec

Electric scooters have become increasingly popular in recent years. The electric motorcycle also deserves its share of the market, so Mot’elec highlights it and has already convinced seasoned bikers.

A passion for motorcycles…electric too

Olivier Moussard entered a Lito Sora, a Canadian electric motorcycle from the Green Motion brand, during his participation in the Tourist Trophy Zero: a circuit on the Isle of Man reserved for electric two-wheelers. It was a real opportunity for the driver, since he was able to see the marked interest in electric two-wheelers. Thus, in 2014, he opened the doors of Mot’elec. A sales area specializing in motorcycles and electric scooters, but above all a place of sharing, around a common passion: two-wheelers.

Premium brands and more autonomy

Mot’elec has increased its offer of electric two-wheelers in recent years, which already included big names, such as Electric Motion, Eccity or SuperSoco. Olivier Moussard thus relies on premium brands of scooters and electric motorcycles, such as Energica, Horwin, Alrendo or Masai. Manufacturers have been able to take advantage of the expansion of the market to offer electric motorcycles with remarkable autonomy, which can go up to 400 km in urban traffic. An asset that complements the advantages of an electric two-wheeler: economy in use, less ecological impact, ease of parking and recharging.

Growing interest in electric two-wheelers

The post-lockdown period in 2020 has been a period of massive increases in sales of electric two-wheelers, for autonomous mobility without a car. Even if Mot’Elec still offers thermal motorcycles, and the maintenance of these, the team knows how to convince the most reluctant motorcyclists to switch to electric. Olivier Moussard had the opportunity to have his electric motorcycles tested by experienced riders, who were pleasantly surprised to discover another mode of riding. They were able to rediscover the sounds of their mechanics, while allowing themselves walks in the middle of nature and reconnecting with it.

Olivier Moussard, accompanied by Morgane, is aiming for a complete service, with short-term rental of electric motorcycles, or even motorcycle preparation for a unique two-wheeler.


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