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The technical director of the German firm confirmed that an electric vehicle “with strong emotional potential” was currently under study at BMW.

The 600 horsepower BMW Vision M hybrid supercar presented above never saw the light of day and remained at the concept car stage. It could, however, have been the car for the 50th anniversary of BMW Motorsport, a fiftieth anniversary celebrated this year and celebrated with the BMW XM, a 100% electric SUV with a to say the least tortured design and equipped with a hybrid V8 from 750 horsepower.

But let enthusiasts be reassured, BMW M will not be betting everything on SUVs in the coming years, even if it will be necessary to combine with the forced electrification of the range. Indeed, the arrival of the new Neue Klasse platform in 2025 could ultimately give birth to an ultra-performance supercar.

Indeed, according to the information reported by our colleagues from the Australian magazine WhichCar, who were able to discuss with Frank Weber, the technical director of BMW, the Bavarian brand is studying the feasibility of an electric supercar. When Australian journalists pointed out to Frank Weber that there was a lack of a sports car in the same vein as the iconic M1 within the BMW range, the technical director was quick to retort: “We have no problem imagining a model with strong emotional potential based on the future Neue Klasse platform”.

A 100% electric supercar as a technological showcase?

This model, whose production should obviously be limited and the price exorbitant, would undoubtedly serve above all showcase to promote electric technology at BMW. This model could benefit from four electric motors positioned in each of the wheels, while the battery could be recharged in the space of five minutes. At the moment, these are only rumors and extrapolations, but one can imagine, in the not so distant future, that such a car will no longer be so utopian.

BMW would therefore be working on an electric supercar, but working on it does not necessarily mean that it will see the light of day. In any case, one thing is certain, the Bavarian firm still intends to offer exciting vehicles, even if electrification will gradually take over traditional combustion engines.

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