All Rolls-Royces will be electric by 2030

The first electric Rolls-Royce is on the way, it will be the Specter coupé. The first of a line, because the entire range will be electric by 2030. The last petrol Rolls has already been released, it is the Ghost.

Rolls-Royce has tested the electric terrain with the 102EX concept car. That was over ten years ago now, and it was simply an electrified Phantom. At the time, the conclusion of the studies carried out by the manufacturer seemed unanimous: there is no demand for an electric Rolls-Royce. And the manufacturer has stuck to this position for several years. Even if the contributions of such a variant in terms of comfort and silence seem adapted to the values ​​of the brand.

But only fools don’t change their minds and the brand is now clearly on the way to electrifying its range. Official objective: a 100% electric range in 2030. The Specter first, then the complete renewal of the range, Phantom, Cullinan, Ghost. The latter, which has just been launched, will in fact be the last Rolls-Royce with a petrol engine. BMW is saying goodbye to the V12 this year, which will nevertheless remain in the group at Rolls-Royce until 2030.

In an interview with our British colleagues from Autocar, Torsten Muller-Otvos explains the reason for the reversal. Of course, the announced ban on petrol models in the UK in 2030 has something to do with this choice. But the brand’s clientele has also evolved significantly over the years. Younger, more modern, the customers of the venerable British brand are asking for an electric offer. We can allow ourselves to think that the brand has probably waited a little too long, and that the Ghost might have deserved to be the first electric Rolls.

The brand’s boss also returned to the subject of autonomous driving. The need does not seem to arise. The proportion of Rolls driven by a driver or by their owner has exactly reversed in barely 10 years. From 80% with driver and 20% without in 2010, we have now gone to 20% against 80%. Clearly, Rolls owners want to drive their car…

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