A move with the means at hand, that’s what it gives…

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Letting a piece of furniture protrude a few centimeters with the trunk open, there is nothing wrong with that. You just have to make sure that it is correctly attached with tensioners for example.

Yes, but here, this motorist obviously did not have the appropriate equipment on hand. He therefore asked Madame to sit on the edge of the trunk in order to hold the cargo.

A very dangerous method that the police would probably be delighted to find out… Indeed, at the slightest sudden brake that is a little too violent or in a slightly tight bend, the passenger can fall overboard and end the journey. on the road. But all that is not very serious since the driver has activated his hazard lights so all is well, he is forgiven…

A technique not really approved

It is certain, this technique to transport a piece of furniture is not the good one. There are many ways to do a move, but this is definitely not the right method. No, it’s taking a lot of risks for a simple piece of furniture…


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