2022 Alpine A110 test: always at the top

The tricolor coupe refines its mechanics and reorganizes its range. Just enough to stay on top.

The embarrassment of choice is not just an expression. Take for example the Alpine range from this 2022 vintage. Between an essential A110, its exciting S version on the track and a magical GT version on the road, the dilemma borders on torture. Especially when it comes to deciding between the last two proposals which we took the wheel under the Riviera sun.

The A110 S now increases its power to 300 hp. While its original advantage of 40 hp over the “basic” Berlinetta slightly exceeded the announcement effect in terms of sensations, this jump of 8 hp is ultimately no less palpable.

All the more blatantly in flowing driving when the traffic dissipates, the raises are thicker on the first two thirds of the tachometer. And although the entire cavalry is obtained 100 rev / min earlier than before, the 1.8 TCe loses none of its joy and never misses an opportunity to challenge the switch perched on the approach of 7,000 rpm.

If the original Renault 4-cylinder turbo is showing such health for the first time between the rear wheels of the A110, it is because its torque has so far been limited to 320 Nm as a precaution against of the robotic box. However, the Gegtrag transmission now takes 20 more after the remodeling of its primary shaft, its sixth gear and the adoption of a new surface treatment of its internal elements. Reported to a weight still contained around 1,100 kg, these few additional newton meters do not go unnoticed in the small of the back.

Conscientious, the Blues have in passing looked into the management of this EDC 7 reports. Its Normal mode is even smoother while emphasizing the extra roundness of the engine. The Sport mode highlights the banter and responsiveness of the mechanics with relevance, without necessarily that the regime is carried away indefinitely when it is not necessary.

Let’s admit, however, that on the circuit, it is still better to regain control, especially after having selected the aptly named Track program, forcing the use of paddles on the steering wheel (a bit too short) and also resulting in the partial disconnection of the ESP by default.

That’s good, keeping a free hand makes it easier to appreciate the influence of two main new features dedicated to the A110 S as an option; its aerodynamic kit and its Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 semi-slicks.

To be honest, it is difficult to measure the effects of the famous carbon spoiler and splitter, except, alas, on the purity of the lines of the bodywork. In exchange for a so-called additional stability, the electronic clamp moves back from 260 to 275 km/h, maximum speed at which the support would just increase by 60 kg on the front axle and 81 kg on the rear . In other words, a straw once the equation is related to the pace at which the car is moving 99% of the time.

On the other hand, the Clermont gummies are definitely worth checking out on the list of supplements. Once at temperature (mention which is important on the sidelines of a winter test), they exacerbate the sharp character of the S with the unchanged chassis stiffness. Traction remains impregnable, braking assured and lateral grip reinforced.

Better, the balance of the chassis evolves enough to delay the appearance of understeer in favor of agility. A sign that does not deceive as to the intensity of the pleasure experienced at the wheel, despite its 300 hp, very modest at a time when the smallest supercar announces triple it, this A110 does not seem at all lost on a runway yet as wide as that of Paul-Ricard. The constancy of the reactions and the endurance of the consumables lap after lap push you to evolve tirelessly on the razor’s edge for the benefit of the thrill.

Back on the winding roads of Sainte-Beaume and the four standard Michelin Pilot Sport 4s, the front axle finds the (very) relative laziness typical of the most track-oriented Alpine. That’s when our dilemma begins again.

Outside of a circuit, impossible to resist a more playful GT which brings together the best of both worlds; namely a “flexible” A110 chassis and a “big” S engine. Slight nose dive then sways to tackle the bend with the muzzle straight away pointing towards its exit. Whether on the slope warmed by the sun or the still icy one of the Var massif, the limits of adhesion are crossed with such progressiveness that the end of recess never seems to ring.

Except that you have to return the keys. Because these A110 S and GT are exchanged for around 70,000 € each. It is therefore difficult to leave with both, even if their penalty remains derisory compared to those from which the competition suffers. One alone would already be enough for our happiness, the Alpine remaining on top of the world when it comes to pure pleasure.

Our Verdict

Like a Porsche 911 GT3, a Honda Civic Type R or a Toyota GR Yaris, the Alpine A110 remains among the most exciting sports cars of the moment, all categories and architectures combined.

WE love

  • The seriousness of the A110 S on the circuit
  • The joviality of the A110 GT on the road
  • Penalty content

We love less

  • Multimedia interface still questionable
  • A bit short box pallets
  • Having to say goodbye to this thermal A110 soon

Technical sheet Alpine A110 GT 2022


  • Version tested: €69,500
  • From €69,500
  • Average manufacturer consumption/during the test (l/100 km): 6.8-7/10.8
  • CO2/malus : 153-159/1 276-2 049 €
  • Fiscal power: 18 HP
  • Country of manufacture: France

Range offered

  • Petrol from 252 to 300 hp, from €59,500 to €71,500


  • Engine: mid-rear, transverse, 4-cylinder turbo, direct injection, 16 valves, stop & start, 1,798 cc3.
  • Transmission: rear-wheel drive, robotized 7-speed
  • Power (hp at rpm): 300 to 6,300
  • Torque (Nm at rpm): 340 at 2,400
  • Weight (kg): from 1,119
  • Long.xlarg.xhaut. (m) : 4,18×1,80×1,25
  • Wheelbase (m): 2.42
  • Tank (l): 45
  • Max speed (km/h): 250
  • 0 to 100 km/h: 4”2
  • AV-AR Series Tires: 205/40 R18-235 / 40 R18
  • Test tires: Michelin Pilot Sport 4


  • Front elbow width (cm): 152
  • 2 chest (l): 96 + 100


  • Electrically folding mirrors: €520
  • Carbon roof: €2,450
  • Heated seats: €420


  • Porsche 718 Cayman, from €59,692
  • Toyota GR Supra 2.0, from € 53,900

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