With a Porsche Taycan, he drives from Los Angeles to New York charging as little as possible

And a new record for the Porsche Taycan! After rallying from the lowest point to the highest point in the United States, the German manufacturer’s electric sedan has established a new feat. This time, the Taycan made a crossing of the United States from the West Coast to the East Coast while spending as little time as possible recharging its batteries.

From Los Angeles to New York, professional long-distance driver Wayne Gerdes drove the Taycan a total of 2,834.5 miles, or approximately 4,561.7 kilometers. And to complete this crossing of Uncle Sam’s country, he only accumulated 2 hours, 26 minutes and 48 seconds of rest in order to recharge the batteries! The old record, held by the Kia EV6, was set at 7 hours, 10 minutes and one second. Establishing such a difference would have surprised the pilot:

I’m proud and honestly a bit surprised to have set this new benchmark with such a gap. The Taycan performed even better than I expected. Its performance, comfort and handling were excellent. But besides load capacity, the most important aspect was its efficiency. Compared to previous electric cars I’ve driven, the Taycan is on another level. The first time I recharged it on a 350 kW station, it went from 6 to 82% in just 22 minutes.

504 kilometers of range

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As Porsche points out, to establish this record certified by Guinness World Records, Wayne Gerdes had to “meticulously note each stop”. Each break dedicated to charging was monitored by independent witnesses, while each kilometer traveled was “filmed and tracking by GPS”.

The Stuttgart firm specifies that the car which was used for the record is a Taycan “equipped with the Performance Battery Plus pack” – which pushes the range to 504 kilometers – as well as the adaptive cruise control, the Premium pack, and the Electric Sport Sound option.

According to the words of the sports car manufacturer, Wayne Gerdes would have planned his trip via the PlugShare and Electrify America applications.

In short

2 hours, 26 minutes and 48 seconds. That’s how much time driver Wayne Gerdes spent recharging the batteries of the Porsche Taycan as it crossed the United States from the West Coast to the East Coast. It therefore set a new record for charging time during a journey rallying the two American coasts.

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