Valentine’s Day: with Wingly, take off to 7th heaven

For Valentine’s Day, give your half an unforgettable moment outdoors and without breaking your budget with Wingly!

What if enjoying an airplane experience was now accessible? That’s the whole purpose of Wingly, a company that aims since 2015 to democratize the field of private aviation. For Valentine’s Day, largest flight sharing community strong of no less than 21,000 pilots and 2,000 aerodromes offers a gift card. The opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable outdoor trip, without breaking your budget. Because if flying in the air is Man’s greatest dream, it is now entirely achievable, alone or in pairs, and at a lower cost. A great way to discover the beauty of your region from the clouds.

Gift idea: Valentine’s Day outdoors, anyone?

Indeed, from January 25 to February 15, benefit on Wingly up to 100 euros off gift cards and flights. Want to try the experience as Valentine’s Day approaches? Do not delay any longer, because there is nothing simpler. Here, all you have to do is buy a gift card with a predefined amount via the dedicated page, but not only since you can also offer any flight available on the site via the “offer this flight” button on the flight. On the gift cards page, you have the choice between a gift card at 60 euros instead of 75 euros, 120 euros instead of 150 euros, 200 euros instead of 250 euros and 300 euros instead of 400 euros. You can also choose a gift card with a personalized amount. You also choose the place of departure, from Paris to Toulouse, via Montpellier, Tours, Quimper or Bordeaux.. The Wingly site also provides you with several flight recommendations, for aerial walks of one hour or downright excursions of more than three hours. It is the person to whom you offer the gift who will have to choose the date of his flight, the pilot and his destination. Also note that the gift card is valid for one year, renewable every year, delivered anywhere in Europe, instantly downloadable and comes in a premium design.

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