Vaccination pass: this non-vaccinated retiree filed three complaints against Emmanuel Macron

No doubt a record for a citizen. Alain Sauvaire, a 69-year-old retiree, filed three complaints in early January against Emmanuel Macron, specifies Francetvinfo. Its objective is clear: to make its opposition to the health policy carried out by the President of the Republic, for two years, in the fight against Covid-19 heard.

On the port of Larros, in Gujan-Mestras (Gironde), Alain Sauvaire already regrets not being able to sit at the bistro. “We will not go for a coffee because at the entrance, they will ask me for the pass”, he regrets, with our colleagues. Since January 24, the vaccination pass has forbidden him access to the place. Despite this deprivation, he continues to walk around the port of the Arcachon basin, with his oyster huts, but recognizes that “morally, it’s very painful”, he who has lost some of his habits since the establishment of the pass.

“Defamation”, “incitement to hatred”, “crimes against humanity”

Alain Sauvaire has decided to file a first complaint for “defamation” and “public threats”. “What pissed me off was that the unvaccinated were told that they would be considered non-citizens. However, if Emmanuel Macron manages to annoy us, I can do it too”, specifies this former car and motorcycle dealership in the south-east of France. A socialist at heart, he ended up tearing up his Socialist Party card, disappointed.

The second complaint was filed under the qualification of “incitement to hatred”. “I love my country and I don’t want us one day to have a demonstration of the unvaccinated against the vaccinated that degenerates. We are creating problems in families. We are dividing the people.” , he says. However, despite his annoyance, he condemns the recent violence committed against the elected La République en Marche. “Violence against LREM deputies leads nowhere. They are delivered to popular vindictiveness, which is not normal. But I would like to remind them that their leader, Emmanuel Macron, is an arsonist firefighter”, warns the retiree, with our colleagues.

Finally, his third complaint targets the head of state for “crimes against humanity”. Non-vaccinated, Alain Sauvaire does not consider himself an antivax. “I don’t impose anything on anyone,” he says. If he opposes the vaccine pass, it is because he says he has “doubts” about the vaccine against Covid-19 because of “the speed with which we found it”, despite the guarantees provided. by the authorities.

The gendarmerie has recorded the three complaints and Alain Sauvaire has already learned that two of them had already been filed. “I am not naive, I know that all my complaints will be dismissed because the President of the Republic has immunity,” said the retiree. “But at 69, I’m not afraid of anything. I want to be respected.”

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