The Volkswagen Golf was the best-selling in Europe in 2021

With more than 200,000 units produced, the Volkswagen Golf remained Europe’s best-selling car for the whole of last year.

The year 2021 will have been very special, marked by the health crisis and a shortage of semiconductors which drags on and does not seem to have a solution. A situation that will have put the automotive sector in great difficulty, also weighed down by environmental standards on a European scale, while manufacturers will have to stop producing thermal cars in the coming years. An explosive cocktail which therefore logically resulted in a drop in sales over the whole year. However, this has not prevented certain models from doing well on the market. This is particularly the case of the Volkswagen Golf, which remained the best-selling model in Europe over the whole of last year.

A well-known trio

Despite sales down 28% compared to 2020 and a market share also in free fall, the German compact has sold more than 205,408 units across the Old Continent. An impressive figure, which then allows him to place himself on the first step of the podium, just ahead of the Peugeot 208, with 196,869 copies. The city car with the lion is then placed just ahead of the Dacia Sandero, which also met with great success with no less than 196,792 registrations, closely following its competitor. Finally, with its 196,243 units, the Renault Clio takes the foot of the podium.

Other models have also met with some success, such as the Fiat 500, whose sales have increased by 24% compared to 2020, in particular thanks to the arrival of the electric version. Let’s also mention the Hyundai Tucson, but also the Tesla Model 3, which is still a hit.

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