The fall of diesel and gasoline less brutal than announced – Teller Report

Electrification and the death of diesel seem to be the two breasts of political discourse about the automobile today. The figures seem to support those who speak of a rapid transition. According to CCFA data, diesel is in free fall from a market share of 34.1% in 2019 (755,579 units) to 30.6% in 2020 (504,178 registrations) and 21.1% in 2021 (349,482 units). The same goes for petrol engines, whose market share fell from 57.9% in 2019 (1,281,802 units) to 46.9% in 2020 (774,383 registrations) and 40.2% in 2021 (667,503 units).

But the figures provided by the organization are a sham, since they do not include light hybridization models. Indeed, it is difficult not to consider cars equipped with an alternator-starter operating at a voltage of 12 Volts, 24 Volts or 48 Volts as simple optimized thermal models. In the same way as an automatic stop-start system, this device allows you to grab a few grams of CO2 on official measurement cycles without revolutionizing car driving. It is impossible to drive in all-electric mode with such a mechanism, unlike a full hybrid, like those of Toyota for example. Moreover, the ranges of certain manufacturers (Hyundai, Ford, Renault, etc.) combine hybrids and mild hybrids. Not to mention that mild hybrids supplant thermal models when they are launched, never truly hybrid models.

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