Superchargers for everyone: Tesla launches its pilot program in France

Tesla is opening its network of superchargers to “non-Tesla” vehicles for the first time in France with 16 pilot stations.

Great promise of Elon Musk, the opening of superchargers to all electric vehicles is materializing in France. Since this Monday, January 31, 2:00 p.m., 16 French stations from the American manufacturer have been accessible to all “non-Tesla” electric vehicles in France.

For Tesla, the opening of these 16 French stations constitutes the extension of a pilot program initiated in the Netherlands at the end of last year. Without a fixed deadline, the latter must make it possible to carry out the last calibrations before a wider opening of the network.

The application as an access key

As in the Netherlands, it is the manufacturer’s mobile application that will allow users outside the brand to connect to network terminals. You will therefore have to download it and create an account to access Tesla superchargers.

Variable rates depending on the stations

Naturally, the price of superchargers for “non-Tesla” users is higher than that applied for brand owners.

In terms of pricing, Tesla communicates on an average price of 0.57 €/kWh which may fluctuate depending on the station chosen. . Regular users can also subscribe to a subscription plan. Billed at €12.99/month, this gives access to a preferential rate of €0.40/kWh on average.

As with brand owners, Tesla will also apply unwarranted “occupancy charges” in use if the vehicle is not promptly disconnected after charging is complete (€0.50-€1/min).

subscription Price kWh
With subscription 12.99 €/month 0.40 €/kWh
Without subscription 0.57 €/kWh

Superchargers for “non-Tesla” vehicles in France

  • Angoulême – 8 V3 Superchargers
  • Blois – 16 Superchargeurs V3
  • Buchelay – 8 Superchargeurs V2
  • Labouheyre – 8 Superchargeurs V3
  • Laxou – 28 Superchargeurs V3
  • Le Mans-Saint-Saturnin – 20 V3 Superchargers
  • The Herbaria – 8 V3 Superchargers
  • Lorient – 8 Superchargeurs V2
  • Montélimar – 16 Superchargeurs V2
  • Montluçon – 8 V3 superchargers
  • Perigueux – 8 V3 Superchargers
  • Rivesaltes – 20 Superchargeurs V3
  • Salaise-sur-Sanne – 20 V3 Superchargers
  • Valenciennes – 10 Superchargeurs V2
  • Vélizy – 16 V3 Superchargers
  • Vierzon – 28 Superchargeurs V3

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