Recall: Faulty Eyesight on the Subaru Outback

If the road qualities, especially when the weather conditions are difficult, of the Subaru are unanimously recognized, the high taxation which hits them in France devotes them to confidentiality. Thus, one can almost count on the fingers of the hand the number of copies of his my top-of-the-range model, the Outback, sold each year in our country.

This crossover, a mix of station wagon and SUV powered by a 2.5 petrol engine of 169 hp, is experiencing problems with its Eyesight device. This equipment, which mainly includes a camera that “reads” the road, allows Subarus to be equipped with state-of-the-art driving aids. However, it has been detected that the object recognition function of certain Eyesights could operate incorrectly and, in some cases, trigger automatic emergency braking without any justification.

To remedy this, Subaru is recalling all Outbacks produced during model year 2021 (whose CE approval types are e13*2018/858*00010*00 and e1*2007/46*1320*05) in order to update the Eyesight operating software. Owners of these vehicles can also take the lead and contact their dealership directly to schedule an appointment to have these changes applied.

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