RATP: infiltration problems at the République metro could cost the City of Paris very dearly

To limit car traffic and encourage pedestrians, the City of Paris had completely redesigned Place de la République a few years ago. But the many works also caused damage, starting with the underground lines of the metro. According to information from Parisian, the RATP took the City to court because of water infiltration problems, this Sunday, January 30. Between mold on the walls, yellowish colors and crumbling paint, the management can no longer remain silent in the face of the disaster and demands a colossal sum in compensation.

The redevelopment plan for the main square began under the second term of office of Bertrand Delanoë. At that time, the project was committed to a cost of 20 million euros. Criticism from disgruntled Parisians isn’t the only problem the City of Paris has faced since. Indeed, only three years before the famous redevelopment, the RATP had itself refurbished the République station, explained our colleagues. As soon as surface work began under Bertrand Delanoë, the major metro renovation was quickly damaged.

The RATP claims several million euros from the town hall of Paris

After long expertise, the cause of the multiple damage has finally been found. All this is linked “to the infiltration of rainwater during and after the redevelopment work on the Place de la République”, according to the explanation of the RATP. The significant degradation could be very expensive for the town hall of Paris since the management would claim several million euros in compensation. A procedure in the administrative court is also underway according to information from the Parisian.

To avoid encountering a similar problem in another Parisian metro station, “experience feedback was done with the services of the City of Paris to adapt the methodology of their work and deal with the impact on our structures for other construction sites”, declared the RATP to our colleagues. In addition, only the Place de la République would have encountered problems according to David Belliard, deputy in charge of the transformation of the public space. Similar work carried out in Bastille and Nation did not encounter any problems.


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