Nio has opened more than 800 battery exchange stations in China

Nio is on the accelerator with both feet: the brand now has more than 800 battery exchange stations in China!

To promote the development of its electric cars, Nio has set up a particularly exotic infrastructure network: the Power Swap Stations allow the brand’s electric cars to exchange their battery for a fully recharged unit in just a few minutes.

Confident in its innovative solution, the brand announced during the last year a rapid development of its network. Nio recently announced the operation of 828 stations in China. It was at the end of the year that the manufacturer stepped on the accelerator with nearly three inaugurations per day since Christmas. Since mid-January, when our colleague Gautier made an inventory of the terminal network in China, Nio has deployed 39 new exchange stations.

Power Swap Station 2.0 Nio

Nio inaugurated its first station in Europe

But Nio isn’t just focused on its home market. The manufacturer has thus announced the opening of its first European station in Drammen, south of Oslo, in Norway. This generation 2.0 station, equipped with 13 batteries and 14 slots (one empty to recover the battery to be changed), will allow the 93% of customers who have chosen the option Battery as a Service replace their empty battery with a 100% charged unit.

Nio aims to install 20 exchange stations in Norway by the end of the year. The brand also plans to open sites in Sweden, Denmark and Germany, where the stations have received TÜV certification.

Nio battery exchange station

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