New Range Rover: prices for plug-in hybrid models and the ultra-chic SV finish

The range of the all-new Range Rover was not yet complete: the plug-in hybrid versions and the luxurious SV finish are entering the catalog. The rates are close to the tops.

Not given the new Range Rover? You have not seen anything yet. The P440e and P510e plug-in hybrid engines and the very, very chic SV finish further increase the note. The bar of 200,000 € is largely crossed for certain variations.


Note that the two new PHEV variants of 440 hp and 510 hp (hence their name) are not available on all versions of the Range. Only the less powerful of the two can be chosen in long wheelbase and neither of them can be chosen in 7 places. A way to limit the price but especially the weight. Because, as we imagined, the 2.8 t bar is approached, or even crossed depending on the level of finish chosen. But, with their very large 38.2 kWh battery, the autonomy announced in zero emission mode is excellent and clearly exceeds 100 km.

As for the ultra-chic SV version concocted by Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations department, it is offered with a short or long wheelbase but only with 4 or 5 seats. Highly customizable, equipped with rare materials (such as ceramic), only available with the most powerful engines (350 hp diesel, 530 hp petrol and 510 hp plug-in hybrid), the prices are related. Count between €187,900 and up to €223,000, excluding options.

All the prices of the new Range Rover (2021)

Short Range Rover prices

Motorization Base Autobiography First Edition SV
MotorizationDiesel D250 Base122 600 € Autobiography/ First Edition/ SV/
MotorizationDiesel D350 Base141 200 € Autobiography157 500 € First Edition166 000 € SV187 600 €
MotorizationEssence P530 Base150 500 € Autobiography166 900 € First Edition175 400 € SV200 900 €
MotorizationP440e plug-in hybrid Base134 100 € Autobiography157 900 € First Edition164 900 € SV/
MotorizationP510e plug-in hybrid Base150 300 € Autobiography166 000 € First Edition169 600 € SV199 100 €

The prices of the long wheelbase Ranger Rover

Motorization Base Autobiography First Edition SV
MotorizationDiesel D350 Base144 800 € Autobiography160 400 € First Edition168 400 € SV210 600 €
MotorizationEssence P530 Base153 700 € Autobiography169 300 € First Edition177 800 € SV223 000 €
MotorizationP440e plug-in hybrid Base145 400 € Autobiography160 200 € First Edition168 300 € SV/

The prices of the Range Rover wheelbase, 7 seats

Motorization Base Autobiography
MotorizationDiesel D350 Base147 000 € Autobiography159 300 €
MotorizationEssence P530 Base156 500 € Autobiography168 700 €
Published on 31/01/2022 Updated 31/01/2022

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