Increase in the price of tolls: certain journeys exempted!

Many tolls delimiting small sections of the Vinci Autoroutes network will not suffer the 2% increase planned for all motorways for this February 1, 2022.

Like every year, the price of tolls will increase this February 1. These increases result in particular from the freezing of tariffs obtained in 2015 by the State which, in return, guaranteed the concession companies annual increases until 2023. For 2022, the average increase is 2%, a rate calculated on the basis of times compared to inflation and investments linked to the maintenance and improvement of the network within the framework of the contracts linking the State and the concessionaires, most of which run until the middle of the next decade. But in this period of high inflation, which is particularly felt in fuel prices, Vinci Autoroutes announces the freezing of certain tolls on its network. This concerns short sections that are very popular in the context of home-to-work journeys.

Many small journeys concerned

Two thirds of the portions of less than 50 km of the Vinci Autoroutes network, and even 80% of the portions of less than 30 km, will not see the price of the tolls which delimit them increase in 2022. The same will be true for “all bypass routes” of the 34 agglomerations whose motorway network is managed by Vinci, assures the first concession company in France. The Vinci Autoroutes network includes those of Escota, ASF, Cofiroute, Arcour and Arcos. It mainly covers the south and west of France. Among the sections whose price will not increase on February 1, 2022 include Dourdan – Paris, Langon – Bordeaux, Salon-de-Provence – Marseille, Antibes – Nice and Condrieu – Lyon. The rates charged at each toll barrier are available on the Vinci Autoroutes website.

Published on 31/01/2022 Updated 31/01/2022

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