Cold snap: car batteries don’t hold up

By Elie Duquet

The extreme cold that has persisted for several days in the province has wiped out several car batteries, a difficult situation for some retailers and garages whose inventory is almost dry.

The recurrent cold of the last few days has damaged the batteries of several cars and demand is strong.

“In 40 years as a mechanic, I have never seen such a shortage of batteries,” explained the owner of the Pneus Estrimont garage, Réal Bolduc.

Photo: TVA News

As a result, garages have practically no more batteries in inventory.

“My car wouldn’t go and I had to get towed here [au garage]… They told me I had to change my battery, but they don’t have any more,” explained a customer who finally had to accept a backup battery on a temporary basis.

Other customers are forced to charge the battery and hope that the charge lasts as long as possible.

Photo: TVA News

Retailers such as Batteries Unlimited in Sherbrooke, Estrie, are also victims of strong demand due to the extreme cold. Even though they stock up on batteries, some batteries that go into more common models are also out of stock.

“Sometimes you can sell batteries that aren’t made for vehicles, but still fit in the compartment. Some batteries come here and all they need is a good charge. »

“With teleworking, some vehicles move too little and the battery drains prematurely,” said Battery Unlimited floor manager Sébastien Perron on Friday morning.

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