Budget: toll prices increase tomorrow

The traditional toll price increase will come into effect on 1 February. This year it will be around 2%.

Prices of gasoline, gas, electricity and now tolls, inflation continues for the French. For cars, the average price increases by 1,89% on the Cofiroute network, 2,19% on ASF, 1.91 on motorways managed by Sanef and 2,05% on APRR. A significantly higher increase than last year (+0.44% in 2021), supposed to compensate for the costs of works and inflation.

No negotiation this year

In 2019, toll prices had been the subject of tough negotiations between the government and the companies operating French motorways to appease the discontent of yellow vests. A 30% discount for regular users, under very strict conditions, had been conceded by the managers, in the absence of a real reduction for everyone. Alas, this year, no one will cut the increase.


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